This type of report is anonymous and confidential.

We MAY NOT be able to act on the information and respond to you in person or do anything about your report. We encourage you to use the informal report instead if you wish to be contacted.

How we will use the information provided in an anonymous report:

- It is not possible to identify any individuals from the data collected in this form.

- At the end of the report, you will be signposted to general advice and support that may be of help to you.

- We will compile anonymous, aggregated data reports from the information you provide. The University will use the information you provide to help us understand what kinds of incidents are taking place within our community and support us in taking positive actions.

- Reports on the data collected will be presented to relevant organisational committees so they are able to have a better understanding of what staff and students experience.

- The information you provide will be held for 12 months before being deleted. If you wish to have your data deleted before then please email